Lowe's Foods Kraft Promo 6/26/13 This is Cheesy but HOT!

As promised, here is the Kraft deal.  When you buy 8 of certain Kraft products you get $4.00 off of your order.  I did this in 4 transactions with 8 in each.  The turkey dogs were not in the deal. Be aware that you may not be able to do but 3 transactions on this deal with your card.  I was able to do 4 using a friends.

All of the coupons can be printed here except for the Cracker Barrel 75/1 that was in a recent insert. Most of the others are still available though I did print mine a couple of weeks ago in hopes of a deal like this.

I bought 12 Jellos, 6 cream cheese, 4 American Cheese, 6 Cracker Barrel Cheeses and 5 Kraft Shredded (hmmm, I think I had an extra one that I payed sale price for because the coupon was on 2 and I wouldn't have purposely put one in with out the coupon)  Anyway, I got all of this for $9.50 (including the dogs)  or about 20 cents each. I saved $65.60 ... Yes!!  I love deals like this. See second photo for details.

Here is the deal from the flyer!!

First HARRIS Teeter Super Doubles A WOW TRIP! 6/26/13

This may be my best trip ever because I saved $202.50 and paid $2.28 which was mostly tax.  

I did do 2 transactions using a friend's card for the 2nd though only doubled about 10 coupons on that order.  The major reason for the low low out of pocket was because there was overage on the Oral B replacement brush heads using both a $7/1 coupon and the $7/1 ZVR.  Only 2 generated this but the other 2 were free as they are priced $6.49 each.  

I had to add the 3 cans of beans at the end to get my total in the positive.

The Perdue and the sausages had yellow markdown stickers on them :)

I hope that this will inspired you.  My work is done for the day :)  Oh wait, I need to go to Lowe's Foods to do the Kraft Deals!  Will let you know about that when I get back!

Lowe"s Foods Super Doubles 6/5/13 Saved 88%

Here is what I bought this morning at Lowe's Food's at Monkey Junction.  I did 2 transactions. 
Total Value $114.69
Saved $100.25
Paid $14.44

The Flame Disc were free at Walmart!!

2 Fruitaire- used 2 $1.50/1 printables (Coupons.com Savings Club.  You can print $1/1 Here.  Paid .50 ea
1 Luigi Real Italian Ice =used $1/1 from isert- FREE
3 Johnsonville Chicken Sausages- used $1/1 insert.  Paid .99 ea
3 Hormel Sandwich Makers.  Used $1/1 Paid .49 ea
2 Spam meals Used $1/1  Paid .50 ea
4 Miracle Whip Dipping Sauces.  Used $1/1 Paid .50 ea
1 Planters Peanut Butter Used $1/1 peelie  Paid .50
1 Pirate's Bootie Used $1/1 peelie Paid .50
3 Colgate Mouthwash  Used $2/1 insert  FREE
3 Land O Frost Minis Used $1/1 insert  FREE
Flamedisc -FREE at Walmart
2 Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bars.  Used $1/1 printable FREE
2 Oreos. Used $1.50/1 printable (not sure where I got it)  Paid $1.33 ea
2 Butterball cooked chicken Used $1/1 insert.  Paid .50

Free Oral B Crossaction Power Toothbrushes at CVS

Here is a great deal at CVS

-Buy 2 Oral-B Cross Action Power Toothbrushes $5.99  through 6/8
Use (2) $3/1 Oral-B Adult Battery Toothbrush or 3D White Action Rechargeable Toothbrush PG 6/2 
And use $2/$8 Any Toothbrush or Toothpaste Purchase CVS Coupon Machine Week of 6/2
Get $4.00 ECB Limit 2
Final Price: 2 for FRE